• We had 31 degrees in a shadow.
  • Today A. had a work meeting in a French part of Switzerland. I decided to make him a company. I was walking and wondering around while he was working. It  felt so nice to greet strangers (it is usual in this country and I like it!) with a beautiful “Bonjour”.
  • I spend a few hours lying (Veronika? ;)) in a shadow by the river, reading a very good book… thinking why I never did this on Talvera river while living in Bolzano those years.
  • I found a perfect poppy-daisy-cornflower field (there will be pictures).
  • I showed to A. “Shawshank Redemption”… Yeap there are people who never saw number one movie.
  • We ate best melon ever.
  • And it is still a beautiful day and the best part of it (with sun going down) just began…

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