July 2, 2010


  • We had 31 degrees in a shadow.
  • Today A. had a work meeting in a French part of Switzerland. I decided to make him a company. I was walking and wondering around while he was working. It  felt so nice to greet strangers (it is usual in this country and I like it!) with a beautiful “Bonjour”.
  • I spend a few hours lying (Veronika? ;)) in a shadow by the river, reading a very good book… thinking why I never did this on Talvera river while living in Bolzano those years.
  • I found a perfect poppy-daisy-cornflower field (there will be pictures).
  • I showed to A. “Shawshank Redemption”… Yeap there are people who never saw number one movie.
  • We ate best melon ever.
  • And it is still a beautiful day and the best part of it (with sun going down) just began…
July 1, 2010

summer love

June 24, 2010

beautiful evening

June 18, 2010

happy ending of today

June 14, 2010

somebody said once…

Things are not what they are, they are what we are.

June 14, 2010

rain again

– This week I baked home bread for the first time.  It appears to be super tasty and also very very cheap.

– I watched “Ondine” (2009) and I think it is perfect. The movie is so inspiring with its great music, picture and blue tones. Loved it. Maybe I just adore all these stories about mermaids and serenas.

– All this weekend was rainy (which is common thing for weekends here, while workdays are quite sunny). We (the three of us) went for a walk to a forest next to our village, when we got sick of sitting at home yesterday. The forest was fresh and fragrant after two days of rain. And I caught myself thinking that I never seen such a beautiful forest. I know I am from Lithuania (country of forests) and since my childhood I was spending my summers at countryside where I was very close to nature. Our forest here  is so full of flora and fauna that it is hard to believe. You stand and look around and hear so many noises – everything is moving around. We also found a pond yesterday and it looked alive because of all the swimming fishes in it. Shower made us run home. We got totally wet, but I really love this kind of moments.

– We visited an open air flower market and it seems that selecting a tall flower for our living room is going to be not an easy task. Actually, I don’t thing there are beautiful tall flowers for indoors. The same thing with furniture. I would like everything  to be  white and my husband likes something more interesting.  It was much more easier in Italy when all the apartments were already furnished and we didn’t have to decide anything.

P.S. trailer of “Ondine” movie is here.

June 9, 2010

on sunny days

– Everything around becomes so beautiful when the sun is shining. My favorite part of a day is when the sun is gets closer to the horizon little by little (between 19:00 and 20:30). I try to enjoy those moments every day.

– Tuchka was absent for almost 24h (Friday to Saturday)… it was driving us crazy. We were searching everywhere in our village, fields and forests around. We even printer advertisements with photos of her and started asking people. We almost lost our hope, but it turned out that she locked her self in a flat of one of our neighbors.  Moreover, we found out that she likes to visit all the neighbors from the first floor (she enters through their balconies). So, we don’t know what to do with her… Keep her locked at home? Our nerves aren’t from steel. So what we do for now we walk her every evening, like a dog, and in the morning she is outdoors all by herself.

– We should care less about the cat and have children or something.

– We visited the biggest waterfall in Europe this weekend. I wish I live at least 50 years ago and could travel as I am traveling now… Crowds of tourists are driving me crazy.

– Birthdays without giving any presents to each other is a new experience. You use all the other methods to make this day special.

cute video here

June 3, 2010

Another rainy day

– Weather forecasts promise significant changes (positive) in weather from Tomorrow . I am crossing my fingers

– I make perfect éclairs!

– I decided to try selling prints of some of my photos on Etsy.com

June 2, 2010


– I didn’t know it is so difficult to collect wild poppies. They drop their petals even from slight touch… I gave up:)

– Bread is extremely expensive here in Switzerland. Actually, I never really cared about bread. I am a kind of person who can survive without eating meat and bread, but can’t imagine her life with no fruits and sweets in it. So, everything changed month ago (when we moved to Switzerland).  I can’t stop enjoying it.

– Doesn’t feel like summer when it’s 14 degrees outside.

– Too many snails this year.

– One cool red cat from the neighborhood gets very exited by seeing me climbing up the hill. He runs to greet me every time he sees me! I like him very much too:)

– I love the village we live in more and more every day. I didn’t expect it to be such a beautiful and special.

June 1, 2010

first day of summer

happy summer